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Fan Bingbing Studio Quest

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Wallace visited the studio of people knowcoach handbag outlet, is called the “Fan Ye,” Fan Bingbing, in fact, the heart is still a little girl, what are her private office pink, pink clock, pink walls, pink tables and chairs … so, Fan Bingbing and her very flexible model for interaction Detachment of Women, Fan Bingbing know, when the “man”, when should the “sister.” Get along so many years down the practice has become Fan Ye, Fan Bingbing, Fan Bingbing’s Detachment of Women and also made a name in the industry professional.

Yesterday, reporters were sent to the studio received a Fan Bingbing Fan Bingbing 2011 year-end summary for 2011, Fan Ye, publicity draw a perfect end. And Fan Bingbing naturally not ill-treat her staff, the year-end bonus in addition to bonuses, but also to bring everyone to the island tour, and because of Wallace’s team are all a bunch of Detachment of Women, because of busy work, many people are still “left woman. “ Considerate of employees ‘Fan boss “also threatened this year to distribute employees’ per person a boyfriend!”

Fan Bingbing’s management of the road boss

The first employees to personally interview

Fan Bingbing’s studio is not, are some employees after 80 girls, and these girls are personally interviewed Wallace, all of them are the extraordinary strength of the go-getters.

On such as publicity director Yang Siwei, she is one of the core members of Wallace Studio since its inception in 2008 the studio to join the team. She was a young girl, passionate, forceful, but this does not mean she is not careful and smart. She was particularly rational.

Huang Ying, director of media, she is president Alphabetical Beijing fans will, for the entertainment industry to maintain a high degree of enthusiasm, and itself looks good hand photo. Before “Guanyin Mountain” campaign period, when a group of underwater MV Wallace is beautiful stills from her hand.

The second clear division of labor

Though small, but perfectly formed. Studio Fan Bingbing little more than a dozen people only, but the clear division of labor, they share the work of artists of all affairs, advocacy, economic, financial, legal and disciplined. Did the longest three years, the shortest but also more than a year. While Wallace is a “model worker”, but the studio’s employees are not so hard to imagine, “she filming, shot here during the day, cheap designer handbags night shoot there, but she was very considerate, requires us to shift, but without her we hard. ”

Under Article compassionate

Managing a team, this is the most important. Popular saying goes, who in the world. Fan Bingbing familiar with this road, to say the least, let’s take a look at her year-end awards to employees: In 2008, Wallace Prize for studio employees year-end diamonds, cell phone, 3000 cash choose one; 2009 is one person, one laptop computer; 2011 is expensive “hair dryer.”

Recently, Fan Bingbing studio publicity director Yang Siwei said, “Van boss’ commitment to travel to the island with employees, bonuses are also indispensable. And because Wallace’s team are all a bunch of Detachment of Women, because of busy work, many people are still the “remainder.” Considerate of employees ‘Fan boss “also threatened this year to distribute employees’ per person a boyfriend.” Detachment of Women who work the Road

The first work of the high efficiency

Fan the boss to clear a specific division employees, and receive in return is a clear division of labor efficiency. Fan Bingbing’s studio the speed of response, has been a leader in the star. Like dealing with the news will be divided according to different things, different things to the will take a different approach. Is the press release may be mildly, a serious point of law statement will send a lawyer, the most important is the studio issued a statement. 0:00 is often an emergency meeting, 4:00 order complete statement, 6 am to send, 8:00 start all network monitoring rotation, so sophisticated workflow really surprising.

Article sensitive sense of smell

This is a typical case or return to Yang Siwei body. When Wallace ridden early negative news when Yang Siwei very clearly aware of: radical reform to eliminate all the negative news about Wallace, inhibit new generation of negative news, after the establishment of relations with all media, through personal influence, a recognition know, what she really is a kind of person. So the next publicity about Wallace basicallywholesale coach handbag taking the real line.

In microblogging “rampant” and now, Wallace has not its own micro-blog, but the studio on her 30th birthday this day the official opening of the Wallace microblogging network and studio, in a more relaxed attitude to face the public open . In addition to microblogging Fan boss “model worker” is still the figure, there are a variety of “Funny” and “selling Moe” behind the scenes photos.

The third piece of good ideas

Sometimes joke with the reporters, if all the fly artists to a rank promotion row that Wallace is definitely among the best studios. Their publicity is very unique, from time to time to some of the ideas, let’s pass is issued a number of other stereotyped ashamed!

For example, this year-end summary, year to year. 2009 is the “semi-circle around the earth 7″, with Fan Bingbing flight miles a year to sum up this year, the busy work; for Fan Ye, 2010 awarded the “four virtues Award”, to summarize this year Wallace achievements.And this year it is released this year’s Fan Bingbing eight words to sum up in terms of special significance for Fan Ye, 2011: “In 2011, Fan Ye, fame. Hastily flash back this year with ‘Wallace’ as keywords , there must have these lenses: Kwun Yam Shan, Tokyo Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, a woman of 30, do not follow the fashion magazines; if further, there will be love in the heart, show overseas, international brand … ”


Employers and employees to be mutual trust between

If you use a word to sum up the reasons for the success of the team that Wallace studio publicityjuicy couture handbags director Yang Siwei said in an interview after the sentence is very tricky: mutual trust between boss and employee, and even emotional issues that should be shared , all based in Fan Ye!

This year, Fan Bingbing Fan Bingbing’s studio staff evaluation: In addition to rising commercial value and influence, I believe people still face a variety of memorable scandals and controversy when Fan Ye gesture. No excuse, no care, and Fan Ye, calm face, laugh, speak with the facts. But when the rumors hurt the people around them, Fan Ye will come forward as the boxer struggling to resist the same, with action to defend dignity.Review 2011, we increasingly feel: Fan Ye, This man, only not hurt, no hurt can not afford

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